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From: Arthur Arthor
Subject: Mike and DavidOkay, I said my last posting would be my last. Now, this is preteen asia tgp
my last posting.Again, you can preteen asian topless put yourself in the story by saving the text to file and
open it in your notepad - then, by using the 'find & change' function
(CTRL-H) you can change David or Mike to whatever names you so desire.
David and Mike are prepuberal as our story opens................................................................................
..............................................................................."Who is he and why is he like that on your parent's bed?" asked Mike to
David, his friend with whom he was having a sleep-over as they peered into
the dimly lit preteens free links
preteen models india bedroom."I think that's Mr. Green, but I'm not too sure," replied David.The man had collapsed on the naturist boy preteen bed with one foot remaining youngporn preteen on the floor. He
was in nonnude tgp preteen a three piece preteen nudemodels
suit with his tie dads preteen models cocked to one side and his rampant
cock stood through his open fly. From the slack-jawed expression on his
face one could easily assume him to be dead, but this was belied by a
slight snore and the rise and fall of ebony preteenz his chest as he breathed.David's parents were having a cocktail party in their downstairs family
room for some business associates. John preteen supermodel bbs Green was one portal euro preteens of the partners in
David's father's law firm. He preteen pussy fake
had arrived already in his cups and David's
father had told him to go upstairs and sleep it off for an hour, or so, and
he would see to him after their guests had gone.Both boys were google-eyed at the spectacle. Neither had seen a man's
erect penis in the flesh and both were fascinated."Dare you to go over there and touch it," David whispered."I dare are you to go over there and beat it," whispered an astonished
Mike."Beat it! Do you teen sex preteens
mean with a hammer or do you sexy preteen fashion
mean rub it up and down like
we do when we beat our meat?" asked David."Like in beat his meat with your hand around it," instructed Mike."I dared preteen preteen nn
you first. If you touch it and he does nothing, then I'll give it
a couple of strokes," assured David.They tiptoed to the top of the stairs and listened to the chatter of the
gathering below and tiptoed back to the bedroom door. Looking at each
other, David motioned with his head preteen models perverted
for Mike to go ahead and do the deed.
Both boys eased forbidden flowers preteen themselves into the simi-darkness of the bed chamber and
approached the sleeping figure on the bed."Do it, man!" whispered David."I will, I will!" uttered Mike in a voice louder than intended.This caused both to step back to see whether or not that had stirred their
intended target. There was no indication that the sleeper was aware of
their presence. They held their breaths as they stepped closer and closer.
As they stood by the bed, neither could look away from Mr. Green's
erection. After a few minutes, David took Mike by the arm, raised it, and
moved it in the direction of his task."Go on and do it," he whispered. His whisper was not voiced, but was more
like a modulated exhalation.He released Mike's arm and stepped back ever preteens swimsuits
so slightly to gain the
advantage, if a footrace was to ensue.Mike looked at the penis and then to David and back again as he slowly
extended his finger toward the now wilting shaft of circumcised flesh."Go on!" whispered David, "do it."Mike's fingertip lightly touched Mr. Green's shaft below its bulbous head.
The deflating pizzle must have enjoyed the touch because it twitched and
returned to its fully erect state.Mike stepped back and grinned at David as both of them returned to the
safety of the door to further observe Mr. Green's reaction.Other than his penis rising for the occasion, he remained unmoved.As they observed, Mr. Green's penis twitched again and started a slow
decline to the horizontal. On seeing this, both boys hurried back to the
bed and Mike touched it again preteen defloration videos
and added a slight rub in a circular motion.
The penis once again responded by standing at attention.Both boys giggled like silly schoolgirls playing with their dolls.Emboldened by Mr. Green's lack of awareness, David reached for Mr. Green's
cock and lightly grasped it as it stood proud. Gingerly he pumped the
flesh up and preteen girl top100 down several times before releasing it.Again, they pedofilia hot preteen stepped back towards the preteens lesbains
door. Mr. Green's head turned upwards
as he brought a hand to his cheek and yawned, shook his head and murmured
what sounded like, "Oh, preteen under where darling." He smacked his lips several times movies nude preteens as he
fell back into his cathy preteen model deep slumber. With his head in this position, his snore
was a bit louder. This reassured the boys that their shenanigan could
continue."I dare you to beat it pink preteen pussy again," said Mike. "Only this time preteenspussy free pics
you have to do
it ten times," he added."I'll do it, but you have to lick it after I do," dared David."Licking and sucking yours is one thing, but I don't know about doing that
to his," said Mike. Even though the very thought of doing it had caused
his two inches to become four. "I'll tell you what; preteen nudes teenies if couples seducing preteens
you lick it first,
I'll lick it." he added.Equally aroused by their mischievous adventure, David waisted no time in
approaching the bedside. He beckoned Mike to come closer to observe his
actions. He touched Mr. Green's prick again and it responded by twitching
as he leaned in for a lick. He paused as he inhaled the musky scent
emanating from the man's groin. It was not unpleasant as he had imagined
it would be, but it was not preteen picsz that of a boy, which was his only basis of
comparison. It was an unfamiliar nyde preteen models aroma; a somewhat exotic blend of the
man's soap, cologne and sweat. He liked it.He extended his tongue and licked from one side to the other below the
glans of Mr. Green's penis. Forgetting his dare and that of his companion,
he did it again, and then again. Turning his head to Mike, he said, "You
have to do what I do, and I'll double dare that you won't do this." He
then, to the astonishment of Mike, placed his mouth over the glans and
closed his lips around it as his tongue danced over the silky smooth
surface. nn preteenmodels
He did this for several seconds and only stopped when he heard
Mr. Green repeat, "Oh, darling," in groggy undertones.When he stood and turned to Mike he smiled on seeing Mike's erection poking
through his pajamas. alissa preteen pics "It's your turn now. I double dog dare you!" he said
as he moved to give Mike access to free neked preteen
their prize.David then squatted next to Mike and took Mike's dick in his hand and
stroked it as Mike licked Mr. Green. "Suck it!" instructed David.Mike looked at Mr. Green's face to see whether or sex kids preteen not there was any sign
that he was aware of their activities. preteen trailer On seeing none, he too took the
rigid staff in hand, licked its underside, and placed it within his mouth.
He bobbed his head several times before he reluctantly released it; knowing
that they would suffer greatly, if discovered.David stood and they started to leave the room when they heard Mr. Green
utter, "Do it some more, Betty Lou."They froze and turned slowly back to the scene of Mr. Green; still unmoved,
eyes shut, and a tight-lipped smile on his slumbering face. Returning to
the bedside, the boys gazed masturbating preteens boy upon Mr. Green to see any signs of awareness.
On seeing none, they stood pondering what to do next."You know what I want to do now," asked David."I don't think we should risk playing with it any more. Your parents male preteen
come to check on him and its bad enough that he has his dick out. I think
we should go ls portal preteenvirgin girls preteens to your room and suck each other," said an eager Mike as
horned as he had ever been."I want to do something really wicked," said a smiling David. "Let's go to
the garage and get some glue," he added as he pulled Mike by the arm to the
door."Glue? What are we going to do with glue?" asked an unsure Mike."You'll see," said David.The boys descended the stairs and tiptoes to the kitchen and opened the
door to the garage. David went to his father's tool chest and found
several types of glue."This is what we need," boasted David as he chose a new package of Super
Glue. "Let's go!" he said as he led Mike back into the house proper.The boys ascended the stairs like cat burglars after the crown jewels. In
reality the only jewels on their minds was illegale nude preteen the family jewels of Mr. Green.
They entered the bedroom and approached the bed as quietly as possible.
Mr. Green's erection had faded and his now flaccid penis porn videos preteen lay like a
sleeping snake and seemed to be retracting back into the fly.David placed the tips of two fingers on the sleeping giant and lightly
rubbed the sensitive flesh in a circular motion. An observer would have
doubted that the fingers were actually in preteens naked pic contact with the penis; it was
more like they were floating above the surface - the contact was so slight.
It mattered not to the nerves which were sending pulses to the pleasure
centers of Mr. Green's brain and causing his blood to divert and extend the
shaft of flesh to expose more skin to the delicate touch. The penis was
soon harder than it had been when the boys first discovered it.David handed the package of glue to Mike and asked him to preteen panty nudist open it. Mike
had to rip the paperboard backing from the blister pack before he could get
to the tiny tube of glue. He punctured the tip with the sharp end of the
cap and handed the tube to David. naked and preteen David carefully squeezed the tube and
applied several drops of the clear glue on the underside of Mr. Green's
penis. He then quickly took Mr. Green's hand and moved it to his penis and
pressed the penis into his opened hand. He then added some glue to
Mr. Green's extended preteen glamor photos
fingers and folded them around his shaft. Again,
Mr. Green moaned an "Oh, darling."David then took the tube of glue and placed it in young angel preteen Mr. Green's other hand.
It was all the boys could do to not laugh their heads off as they left the
room and returned to David's bedroom."That was awesome, dude," said Mike as he flung himself onto David's bed."Do you think he will wake up before my mom or dad will discover him?"
asked a giggling David as he sat on the melissa preteen model
bed and scooted up next to Mike."He is pretty much out of it. I'll bet your parents will find him first
because he did not awaken when we sucked him," postulated Mike."Do me!" said David as he lowered his pajamas preteens paysite to expose his hard cock to
his friend."Let's do that sixty-nine thing again," implored Mike.They removed their pajamas, top preteen angels rotated into position and each took the other's
penis into their mouths and nursed nude preteen lists like suckling pigs feeding on their
mother's teats as preteen cam
they lay side by side. After several minutes, Mike
pulled mpg porn preteens
away and asked David whether or not he had locked the door. David
assured him that he had and they returned to their mutual pleasure. Each
was caressing their partner's torso and stroking the hot flesh of their
respective back sides with extra attention being paid to their partner's
inner thighs.Each experienced their dry orgasms within minutes of each other; and they
removed the penes from their mouths and continued by licking the lingerie preteen
balls and
thighs of their underage preteen friend. David told Mike to raise his leg to give him
better access to his crotch. He then pulled himself into position to
attach the flesh of Mike's scrotum and on back to his anus. He could
hardly see the tiny pucker as his nose passed over it before he licked it
several times.This was something neither had done to either before and it caused Mike to
flinch and nude preteen celebrity roll himself away from David. His eyes were like saucers, his
expression that of disbelief, and he was speechless.David propped himself up on one elbow and looked at Mike with a big grin.
(One of coarser birth might call it a 'shit-eating grin', but that is too
close to the truth to be considered.)Mike regained clip preteen video his composure and he asked David, "What did you just do?""Did you asian pron preteen like it?" returned David."Why did you illegale preteen pics
do that? That was nasty. You licked my butt hole. That's
where I shit!" protested Mike."Well, we showered an hour ago and I saw you giving it a good washing when
we were in there. It's still clean and there was no smell or taste other
than that of our shower gel," assured David."But, why lick it like that? That is . . ." said Mike before David
interrupted."Did you like it or not, Mike?" schoolgirls preteen sex he asked."Well, preteen x stories
I can't say I did not like it. I was just such a shock to feel
someone's tongue there," said Mike."Come over here and lay on your belly with your feet on the floor,"
instructed David.Mike hesitated for a few seconds before doing as asked. David crouched
behind his guest and spread the mounds of fleshy buttocks hiding Mike's
anus from view."Don't move! Just relax and enjoy the feeling," said David as he rubbed the
sensitive flesh with a finger tip before placing his cheeks to Mike's ass
cheeks. He then licked it in earnest; letting the tip young preteen x of his tongue flick
and swirl over it as his fingers massaged the mounds of Mikes flesh."How was that? he asked as he stood and sat on the rape video preteens bed next to Mike."I want to go home," preteen model germany
Mike whispered.David was horror-struck that he had crossed a line that would end his
friendship with Mike. Mike would likely tell everyone what he had done and
he would never hear the end of it. He was to be a marked man; subject to
ridicule and humiliation. He would forever be known as an ass xxx video preteen
shunned, ostracized, and sent to Coventry by all humanity. From now on,
whenever someone told him to kiss their ass, they would actually expect him
to do so.He was about to cry and implore Mike to forgive him and promise never to do
it again, if he would only still be his friend, when Mike asked, "Before I
go, can I lick your ass and sleep with you tonight?"David drew back a fist as though he was going to slug Mike and both hot preteen whores
fell onto the bed in laughter. David embraced Mike, gave him with a sloppy
wet French kiss, and fondled his balls and penis."How was that kiss, Mike?" he asked."It was great!" said Mike. "You always give great kisses," he added."Well, you know that when we kissed it was like you kissed your own ass,"
informed David.Again, sex preteen stories both boys were rolling in laughter.A blood curdling scream was heard coming from down the hall. It was
David's mother. She had intended to freshen-up in the privacy of her
bedroom when she discovered Mr. Green in all his glory.The boys preteen photos boys quickly clothed themselves in their pajamas, unlocked the door,
and grabbed the controllers for their video game and started to play.
David told Mike that after that scream, the natural thing to do would preteen young fuck be to
go see what caused it. So, young preteen free he dropped his controller and opened his door.
He saw his mother standing at the top of the stairs calling for her husband
to come up. He asked his mother what was wrong."Stay in your room and close your door, sweety. Everything is alright.
You and Mike should be getting to bed; you have to get-up early tomorrow,"
she said.They did not have to get-up early, but she preteen nudist gymnastics had to say something to dismiss
him from the action. Both boys had an ear to the door and they heard
David's parents in the hall. They could not catch every word, but they
knew exactly what the problem was.Everything became quiet and they could hear the sounds of doors opening and
closing, and then the sounds of automobiles driving away. The party had
ended earlier than intended and again David's parents were talking in the
hall. All that was certain of the preteen panties free words spoken were those of David's
mother telling he husband that Mr. Green "could not stay here."Mrs. Green was out of town. David's father roused his partner enough to
lead him away without taking the time to free his hand from his now nudes colombian preteen
penis. The practical thing to do was for him to drive Mr. Green home in
his car and for David's mother to follow in their car to bring him back.After loading Mr. Green into his car, David's father knocked on David's
door, opened it, and and told him that preteen models naturalist they would be gone for a few minutes
and not to get into any trouble while they were gone.With his parents gone, David turned to Mike and asked, "Would it be any
trouble for you to lick my ass now?""No model incest preteen trouble at all," Mike stated.Hurriedly paradise preteens free they removed their pajamas and David reclined on the edge of the
bed on his back and raised his legs with his knees bent and held back by
his clasping arms to expose his penis, testicles and ass to Mike.Mike examined the exposed ass. He had maxwell preteen model
never seen an ass before, not even
his real preteens porn own. It was clean and not at all repulsive, as he had imagined. He
moved closer, sniffed and, finding no odor, slowly extended sexy preteen cunt his tongue to
make contact with it. It did not bite him, so he continued to lick all
around and over David's ass.David moaned his pleasure and told him to lick it harder and to work his
tongue around it. preteens models galery He did, young nudist preteen and continued for several minutes before he
moved up and licked around and over David's silky preteens nudist pedo
smooth scrotum. He
continued up the hard penis and engulfed it into his mouth. He bobbed his
head and used his tongue as he had many times before. David's eyes rolled
back, his body shook, and Mike pushed him over the cliff edge and sent him
free falling into ecstasy.Mike stood and David lowered his legs, sat up, and reached for Mike. He
pulled him closer and took his penis into his mouth as Mike stood and
watched. Mike marveled at how wonderful something so simple could feel
and, in all honesty, he loved doing things that were taboo.David gave as good as he had received and soon Mike's legs buckled, his
pelvis thrust forward, and he climaxed as he fell forward onto the bed.He had fallen to one side and his stomach was resting on David's right leg.
David massaged Mike's butt cheeks as he recovered from his intense orgasm.They heard the clanking of the garage underground nude preteens door opening and put their pajamas on
again. Footfalls on the stairs were followed by another knock on young chubby preteen David's
door."Come in," said David and his father opened the door, stuck his head in and
told them to not play the video game all night and that they should be
thinking about going to bed."That's a good idea, Dad. Mike's been lick. . . I mean, kicking my ass at
this game. I know when I've been licked and lil nasty preteens I'll have to beat him another
day," said David. Then he cocked his head and asked what all the commotion
was earlier."John Green wasn't feeling well and I drove him home. I called Doc
Anderson and asked him to make a house call on him tomorrow," he said.
"Sometimes John becomes unglued and has to spend some time model preteen pantyhose getting ahold of
himself. Know what I mean," he added with a wink as he closed the door."Oops, Dad knows we did it. I don't think he'll do anything because, if he
was going to do anything, he would have done it just now," said David.
"Besides, he tolerates the man because he is one of the senior partners and
Dad is only a junior. I think he may be somewhat pleased to have something
he can hold over the guy's head," David rationalized.David turned off the game and the lights and both boys climbed into bed."Lock the door," whispered Mike."Good idea, kind sir," whispered David.They removed their pajamas, yet again, and snuggled together. Each loved
to feel the other's warm flesh against his own. They were soon fondling
each other and nuzzling into each other's necks. David asked Mike whether
or not they should suck each other again."If you have to ask," he said as David rotated into a sixty-nine position
and filled his hungry mouth with Mike's penis. Mike, likewise, took David
into his mouth and both boys gyrated their tongues around their lover's
hard rods as they rocked their hips in sync with the other's movements.
They did this for the better part of an hour; having orgasm after orgasm.
Oh, the joys of youth. Just like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going, and
going, and going!They fell asleep and David awoke in the morning with a limp penis looking
him in the eye. He also noticed in the morning light something that he had
not noticed videos preteen sex
the previous night. "Mike, are you lollita preteen picks awake?" he asked. Mike
said nothing, so he gently shook Mike and told him to wake up."What time is it?" asked a groggy Mike."Time to wake up, sport," said Daivd. preteen nympho sex "Come on, wake up and look at what
I've found."Mike mumbled that he wanted to sleep some more. boy preteen swimming
David then reached and
pulled on one of the half-dozen hairs hairy natural preteens
on Mike's scrotum. That did the
trick and Mike said, "what the hell are you doing?""Pulling one of your hairs. Did you know you had hairs down here?" David
asked."Hair? You're kidding me. I've got pubic hair!" he proclaimed. Then,
thoughtfully, he added, "I'm not sure I preteen nympho downloads
want pubic hair. That means . . .""That means you're becoming a man!" announced David. Then he preteen thumbnail nude asked, "Look
at mine to see whether or not I have any, please, please, please."Mike rolled preteen supermodels panties David to where the morning light was shining on the bed and
scrutinized David's genitals. He saw nothing extraordinary and told David
that he would have to check it by feel. He then licked David's scrotum all
over as consolation for not finding any hair."No hair, but it taste good," said Mike with a big smile on his face.It would be a month before David's cock acquired its first feathers. He
called his father into the bathroom and proudly showed them to him. His
father told him that that was wonderful to see, patted him on the head, and
told him to be sure to keep them away from glue, as he left the room.David loved his father for his kind heart and understanding of what naked preteen x it was
to be a boy. Some day he hoped to be able to tell the story of gluing
Mr. Green's hand to his penis, but now was not the time. Knowing that his
father knew and was okay with it only further sealed the bond of father and
son.David would count his hairs daily until there tokyo models preteen were too many to count. He
would call Mike and tell him the latest count and ask Mike how many he had.
Mike would make up a number that was always more than David had. When they
were together, David would try to count sister preteen model
Mike's hairs, but it was a hard
task with Mike's penis poking him in the face.At the same time, they had started to ejaculate and neither liked the taste
so they would finish each other by hand and shoot their semen onto a towel
or into a tissue.They also started looking at girls in a different light than they had when
younger. They would fantasize about this or that girl and what it would be
like to have sex with them. They soon were spending time with several
girls and found that they were all charming creatures to some degree. But,
not being students of the art of seduction, they were unable to fulfill
their desire to have sex with them. They did, however, still have each
other to vent their urges.They would eventually start dating in preteen science magazines
earnest and had girlfriends that
would put out the fires in their loins by putting out. They would compare
notes on where they went and what they did. Neither wanted their
girlfriends to suck them and saved that joy for their mutual pleasure; a
fact that was unknown to the girls but they were glad not to be asked to do
it.Nor did they find the need to fuck each other. Fellatio and coitus were
all they wanted and other than licking each other's anus from time to time,
the rectum was a one-way street. "It's alimentary, my dear Watson,"
concluded David after they once discussed the subject of anal intercourse."An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm," countered Mike, sandra preteen mode
"there's no need to
add the pain of breaching the anus to have an orgasm. Besides that, my
father said that he thought most of his patients with hemorrhoids were butt
fucked."They roomed together at the university, married sisters after that, had
several children each and still had time to suck each other from time to
time. No matter what their worries were, they were transported back to
childhood - a time when they had no worries - when they sucked each other.
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